What does a Toastmaster do?

With his gavel, his voice and his personality a Toastmaster will help to keep your event running smoothly and to time, by coordinating all parties involved, be they DJ???s, photographers, guests to catering providers.

Trained in the art of officiating at all different types of functions, including Cocktail Parties, Weddings (of all cultures), Ladies Masonic Festivals, Bar Mitzvahs and Celebration Dinners, your Toastmaster is fully aware of the correct forms of address and orders of precedence.

You may safely place your special day in his hands and relax to enjoy the occasion, knowing that an experienced professional will be working on your behalf to ensure that your function is run correctly and just as you want it.


Master of Ceremonies for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Award Ceremonies, Corporate Dinners, Gala Balls, Themed Banquets & many more.